Become a tool builder.

Cyber Fire Foundry prepares attendees for tomorrow’s challenges by teaching how to create custom solutions for investigating cybersecurity incidents.

Rather than teaching cookie cutter recipes, our experienced staff will help you develop the ability to create innovative solutions to pick apart whatever arrives after you leave our event.

Each participant attends a single class for the first half of the event, then joins a team to work on a broad array of challenges. Our content is designed to test the skills just learned, and to teach through experience.

A photo looking over the shoulder of a woman using a laptop. The laptop is running WireShark, a popular network analysis tool. Other people are seated to her left, also using laptops.
Cyber Fire Classes
A woman pointing something out in a laptop screen. The laptop is being operated by a man.
Expert-assisted hands-on instruction in the core skill areas DOE uses for incident response.
Each participant signs up for a single class, which lasts for the first half of the event. Expect to spend far more time on your computer than listening to lectures: Cyber Fire classes are heavily focused on learning by doing.
Cyber Fire Collaborative Exercise
A lot of nerds sitting around a table and working on laptops. The room looks full of energy and makes you want to register for the next event.
Crafted to foster teamwork and hone analytical skills, the second half of the event pits teams against each other in an engaging cybersecurity battle of wits.
Experts continue to provide guidance and instruction during the exercise.