Cyber Fire Foundry

5-day incident investigation training

Foundry 17

Monday, November 16 - Thursday, November 19


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Become a tool builder.

Cyber Fire Foundry guides you through creating custom solutions for investigating cybersecurity incidents.

Rather than teach recipes for yesterday’s problems, our veteran staff helps you develop the ability to create innovative solutions to pick apart whatever arrives after you leave our event.

Mon - Tue: Classes

Expert-assisted hands-on instruction (pick one):

  • Network Archaeology
  • Host Forensics
  • Malware Analysis
  • Operational Technology
  • Incident Coordination
  • Entry Point

Class Details

Wed - Thu: Collaborative Exercise

Crafted to foster teamwork and hone analytical skills, the 2-day cooperative exercise portion pits teams of participants against each other in an engaging cybersecurity battle of wits.

Experts continue to provide guidance and instruction during the exercise.

Fri: Briefings

Updates on the current threat landscape, small hands-on workshops, and retrospectives of previous incidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cyber Fire Foundry a Conference?

No. Cyber Fire Foundry is a training workshop, not a conference. No meals are provided, and our agenda shows day-long events on most days.

Who may attend?

Employees of the Department of Energy and its contractors, US Government, and Critical Infrastructure. We also encourage participation by local universities: please contact us for more information.

How much does it cost?

Unless otherwise indicated, there is no registration fee for Cyber Fire Foundry. However, you are responsible for your travel to and from the event, and your room and board.

Where is the Agenda?

All Foundry events follow the same agenda: 2 days of a single class, 2 days of puzzles, and 1 day of briefings.

What is the dress code?

All Cyber Fire events are “geek casual”: we expect you to dress the part of the government-employed computer whiz. See our Philosophy section for more details.

Past and Future Events

Foundry 17
2020 Nov 16 to Nov 19 : Online
Foundry 16
2020 Mar 16 to Mar 19 : Online
Foundry 15
2019 Nov 18 to Nov 22 : San Diego, California
Foundry 14
2019 Apr 29 to May 3 : Atlanta, Georgia