CPE Credit Policy

Cyber Fire Certificates

What Our Certificates Say

We certify that you registered for our event. For in-person events we may certify that you attended the event, depending on our ability to take attendance and generate certificates.

How We Determine the Maximum Credit Hours in a Day

We look at the published schedule for an event to decide how many credit hours can be obtained in a single day. We will not issue more daily credit hours than are published on the schedule.

How We Handle Audit Requests

If the audit request happens within one year of an event, we will ask for the ticket ID from the certificate, and we will be able to provide whether the participant was actually registered. For in-person events we may be able to provide attendance information.

If the audit request happens after a year from an event, we will only be able to say whether a certificate appears to be genuine.

Questions We Get A Lot

Will (ISC)²/CompTIA accept a Cyber Fire certificate for CPE credit?

We don’t know! We have no relationship with certification groups, and cannot comment on what does and does not satisfy their requirements. We recommend you consult with your certifying organization, to find out whether our certificate will qualify.

We have been told by previous participants that our certificate is sufficient for (ISC)², if that helps. Additionally, Page 9 of the (ISC)² CPE Handbook may be helpful, as well (emphasis ours):

(ISC)²’s CPE Auditors perform random audits of submitted CPE credits by members and associates. Members will need to provide proof of attendance or a brief description of the activity.

I forgot to download my certificate, can you send it to me again?

If less than six months has passed

You should be able to print your own certificate by visiting your participant portal and clicking “Certificate”. You can get the URL to your participant portal in any email sent to you leading up to the event, just search your email for “Cyber Fire”.

If you’re unable to get the portal to provide a certificate, email us with the name and email address you used to register, the event you attended, and your Portal URL. We’ll do our best to get back to you in a week.

If over six months has passed

Sorry, no.

We have purged your personal information from our records, consistent with our data retention policy.