About Us

Fighting bad guys since 2005.

Administrative Team

Neale Pickett


Neale worked from 1997-2010 as an incident responder at Los Alamos National Laboratory. After developing the field of Network Archaeology in 2008, he has been called to investigate multiple high-profile events across the US Federal Government. He began Cyber Fire as a means to teach others his techniques, and now leads execution of the expanded Cyber Fire program.

Gillian Hsieh Ratliff

Operations Manager

Gillian handles venue, sponsor, and vendor logistics; setup and teardown of events; scheduling; and all other operations tasks.

Grace Herrera

Deputy Lead

Grace was a student in the 2017 Cyber Fire Summer School, and has quickly risen to a leadership role in Cyber Fire. She oversees execution of Cyber Fire events and handles most of the growth opportunities for the program.

Chris Rawlings

Simulation Lead

Chris is a cyber security research and development scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He helped develop and teaches the Host Forensics class at Cyber Fire Foundry and Cyber Fire Summer School. He also runs the Cyber Fire Simulation events.

Class Leads

Neale Pickett

Network Archaeology

Neale is the Cyber Fire lead, and also the lead instructor for the Network Archaeology class. He invented many of the tools and techniques taught in this class as part of various high-profile investigations, beginning in 2009.

Chris Rawlings

Host Forensics

Chris is the lead for Simulation events, and also the lead instructor for the Host Forensics class. Chris actively works with LANL legal counsel on forensic investigations for legal cases.

Lauren Pearce

Malware Analysis

Lauren is an incident responder on the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Although a capable generalist, she specializes in malware analysis. She developed and teaches the Malware Analysis class at Cyber Foundry.

Daniel Noyes

Operational Technology

Daniel Noyes is the lead instructor for the operational technology class. He is project manager for energy threats at Idaho National Laboratory and has experience in many aspects of cyber security for critical infrastructure.

Kelcey Tietjen

Incident Coordination

Kelcey leads the Incident Coordination class. He has been an active incident responder and forensicator since 2004. Kelcey has built, managed, or worked in incident response capabilities at Mandiant, Apple, Bechtel, and LANL. He currently manages a cybersecurity research group at SNL which focuses on developing tools and capabilities for incident responders.

Aaron Pope

Entry Point

Aaron leads the Entry Point class and assists with the Simulation events. He is a researcher at LANL whose work lies at the intersection of cybersecurity, machine learning, and graph theory.

Subject Matter Experts

John Donaldson

John is a cybersecurity researcher and threat hunter at LLNL. He is a main developer on the Cyber Fire back-end server software, and has contributed a great deal to puzzle sets. He is an assistant instructor of the Network Archaeology class, and conducts numerous cybersecurity educational outreach efforts at LLNL.

James Wernicke

James runs many of our Puzzles events, and leads the popular “Dead Drop” category.