Cyber Fire Classes

The closest part of Cyber Fire to traditional classroom instruction, Cyber Fire Classes are offered in several Cyber Fire events. The following class offerings are available:

Network Archaeology

Learn how software uses network protocols, and write your own malware protocol decoder.

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Host Forensics

Learn how to investigate windows and filesystem forensic artifacts

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Malware Analysis

Learn to examine malicious software to learn capabilities, methods, and more.

Operational Technology

Learn the peculiarities of computers that interact with the physical environment.

Incident Coordination

How to manage incident response teams and communicate clearly and effectively to vested parties.

Entry Point

An overview of everything. Start here if you're just getting into incident investigation!

Events Featuring Cyber Fire Classes

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Cyber Fire Foundry

Two days of classes, two days of puzzles, and a final day of briefings. Participants pick one event for two days. Our keystone event for professional responders. 

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Cyber Fire Summer School

10-week paid internship for late undergraduates and early graduate college students. Participants cover all classes for 1-2 weeks per class.