CPE Credit Policy

Our CPE credit policy is created to be transparent and impartial, rewarding those who put in honest work, while making it difficult to obtain credit without doing at least some modest work.

Who Gets A Certificate

Everyone who registers for an event can get a certificate of attendance. The certificate itself only means you registered. If you didn't register, getting a certificate will be difficult. Please talk to staff about ensuring you are properly registered for the event.

How We Track Credit Hours

Hours are tracked by logging into a Cyber Fire server with your participant ID. Server logins with your partcipant ID are the only way we can tell whether you were active.

Hours are calculated by pulling server interaction with your participant ID. For every hour you interact with the server, we issue one hour of credit, up to the maximum for a day.

How We Determine the Maximum Credit Hours in a Day

We look at the published schedule for an event to decide how many credit hours can be obtained in a single day. We will not issue more daily credit hours than are published on the schedule.