Cyber Fire Identifiers

Participant Identifiers

Your participant identifier is how we keep track of your activity during an event.

Why We Use Participant Identifiers

We need a way to identify you as an individual, without making you create an account.

Because people sometimes mistype their name or email address, or may not remember which email address they registered with, the participant ID gives everyone a simple way to identify you for this event.

How We Use Participant Identifiers

  • Issuing CPE credits

    We watch how much you interact with the server to decide how many CPE credit hours to issue.

    We use your participant identifier to keep track of your server interaction.

  • Creating your personalized event summary

    This is still under heavy development!

    Every lab and puzzle in Cyber Fire events has a list of associated Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) from the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. When you complete a lab or puzzle, we add these KSAs to your event summary, so at the end of the event you have a full map of all KSAs you’ve mastered.

    We use your Participant Identifier to build this summary.

  • Internal Research

    We may use your participant identifier to evaluate how people interact with our content. When we do this sort of research, we do not associate your participant identifier with your name, email address, or any other information about you.

Team Identifiers

Why We Use Team Identifiers

The lab/puzzle server doesn’t actually care what your team’s name is: you can set your team name to anything. The server passes this to the scoreboard, and does nothing else with it.

Team Identifiers allow us to give your team an unambiguous identifier, so when you come to us with a problem, we don’t have to try to figure out how you spelled “Absquatulate recompense 🦜”.

How We Use Team Identifiers

  • Scoreboard

    Every time your team makes a point, we record your team identifier along with the point you made. The scoreboard program is given an “anonymized” list of point events, with team IDs mapped to sequential numbers.

  • Internal Research

    We also record your team ID when you interact with the lab/puzzle server, so that we can answer questions about how to improve our event based on how people work through the content.

    When we use team IDs this way, they are not associated with your team name.